Whoopie Pie History and Recipes

Thanks for posting! As for the filling, recipes really differ. My whoopies looked more like chocolate chip cookies than the traditional double-top-bun pie. And yes they were yummy..

Great recipe! What a nightmare. I bought a 7. All recipe ingredients, including flour, are listed in American and metric weights as well as volume. They were moist, and tasted wonderful.

The filling was a little soft, but I think that it was because I used more than the recommended amount of fluff for the filling. Thanks for posting1. Not sure why negative feedback on filling. Reply Diana October 16, at 8: In Maine, these treats are more like a cake than a pie or a cookie, as they are very generously sized about hamburger size. I lived by the Amish and loved them and enjoyed their whoopee-pies. I am originally from Maine and grew up thinking my Mom made the best whoopie pies.

Creme Filling: So take that as a warning before you make these and are home alone. My only complaint was the pancake problem mentioned in the previous post. John C — December 20, 4: I don't want to go buy marshmallow creme or fluff. Any suggestions?

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It worked very well, the filling was delicious and I did them for saint Patricks Day, so I died the inside green and it work and still tasted fabulous. I followed the advice of Scotianovan a couple of reviews down and used the homemade fluff. Almost-Famous Mocha Frappe. Only bad thing was, no leftovers! Assemble pies: