How does the when-issued market work?

Marketable securities can be bought, sold, or transferred after they are originally issued. A when-issued market will enable bidders to get an idea of how many investors are interested in buying.

The government securities market continues to witness relatively low levels of securities trading and is likely. NEFT, thus, facilitates originators or remitters to initiate funds transfer transactions even without having a bank account. During this period there will be a kind of a book-building with buying and selling of the to-be-issued security going on simultaneously. With effect from 1st July , originating banks are required to pay a nominal charge of 25 paise each per transaction to the clearing house as well as destination bank as service charge.

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When-issued transactions are dependent upon the actual security being issued and the exchange or National Association of Securities Dealers ruling that the transaction is settled. Today, a bidder at a government security auction can only second guess what the demand for a bond will be. You can find out when Treasury securities will be auctioned by viewing the recent announcements of pending auctions. Financial Advice.

What will happen if credit is not afforded to the account of the beneficiary? ET NOW. Reserve Bank of India.

Related Terms Tap Issue A tap issue is a procedure that allows borrowers to sell bonds or other short-term debt instruments from past issues. Read the relevant auction regulations and the Treasury Securities Offering Announcement Press Release to find out if your institution may participate.

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What are the pre-requisites for originating a NEFT transaction? What is IFSC? Popular Courses. Who can transfer funds using NEFT? What are the operating hours of NEFT? Orders, when issued, are sometimes called orders "with ice" or orders "when distributed. All rights reserved. Account Preferences Newsletters Alerts.

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Can remittances be sent abroad using NEFT? Reduced volatility will draw more investors and lead to further development of the bond market. Can a transaction be originated to draw receive funds from another account? Your browser is not supported.

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Transfer of Government money standing in Government account from place to place. All bidders will receive the same rate, yield, or discount margin at the highest accepted bid.

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