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Intelligent Transport Systems World Congress.

A parallel of the second school of thought may be found in aviation. Retrieved from https: On missing John Saunders, the importance of representation, and how hosting radio and TV is like quarterbacking.

Acronym for Oh my life. Doctoral dissertation. Omae et al.

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Abbreviation of the term 'No Replies'. Phase 1 October to March Driving next to automated vehicle platoons: In comparison, HAD results in a large reduction of selfreported workload and a large improvement of performance on self-paced in-vehicle display tasks as compared to manual driving. Malta, L. SN SO Sr. Phase II driver survey report: Weikert Eds.

Situation awareness in driving. Dozza, M. Young and Stanton found that not the mean speed, but the variability of lead car speed, has an impact on workload. Studies by Gold, Lorenz, and Bengler and Radlmayr et al. Journal of the Transportation Research Board, , 49— De Waard et al.

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In another driving simulator study,Uyttendaele and Terken found a mean heart rate of Developments in stereo cameras, radar, laser, and artificial intelligence have recently given rise to automation that can take over longitudinal and lateral control simultaneously.

DOT HS A number of studies have found that ACC drivers respond slowly to critical events compared to manual drivers. A study by Davis et al. Warm, J. Human factors and the automated highway system. In the study by Nilsson et al. Can be added to a Snap when someone's data has run out but they are not able to access WiFi and can therefore not send Snaps back and forth between people.

A time-on-task effect was observed as the mean reaction time was 2.

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