The Fisker Karma: A Real Car with Real Design & Engineering

This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Digital Trends went behind the scenes in Ducati's design studio to learn how the company balances craftsmanship and tech. Exotic Cars Fisker Karma.

Fisker vs. Tesla: Two cutting-edge cars, two embattled companies Digital Trends

Car Culture Mar 24, In other words, both sides are stretching reality. He still, also, needs to get a factory. Controls on the handle let you switch the Hero5 Black between video, photo, burst and time-lapse modes and stop and start recording. In May , a Karma burned to the ground in Sugarland, Texas , taking a garage with it.

Browse results in: Feature it by going to My Ads or after you Place an Ad. More to Explore. Jalopnik perused the Tesla Motors Club forums , and found hundreds of posts about unresponsive touch screens, spontaneously opening doors, and other maladies.

Aziz, Nick. Dream Cars Wind Tunnel Testing. Sound footage Embedded video. C Top Line Motors L. I think the whole electric space is going to be going in that direction.

The EMotion will drive up to miles with current battery technology.

AED , Both were designed to be stylish, fast, and practical luxury cars that just happen to be better for the environment.

A true test of both car performance and endurance, the Le Mans race has spurred innovation in automotive technology for decades. Tesla has begun shipping its new Model 3, albeit in small numbers. Good Stuff. Learn more about the Formula One pit stop in this video from CarStuff. Fisker was kicked around in the vice-presidential debate by Republican challenger Paul Ryan and defended by incumbent Joe Biden.

GoPro Karma: