The basics: Washing wool fleece by hand

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Then the next steps are:. Spinning in the grease covers the spinner's hands in lanolin and, thus, softens the spinner's hands.

Retrieved Washing wool fleece by hand. It's also a good idea to leave it piled up on one side of the bucket after you drain the water and tip it up. Enjoy spinning your lovely washed fibre. This comes down to choice and you will find what you prefer. At some point you can't transfer any more hairs from left to right with this superficial brushing action.

Add some detergent and swish it around without making it too bubbly. A spindle containing a quantity of yarn rotates more easily, steadily, and continues longer than an empty one; hence, the next improvement was the addition of a weight called a spindle whorl at the bottom of the spindle.

The basics: Washing Wool Fleece By Hand

Often a flick carder can be helpful in opening up the fibres in the lock and the tips. Wool Fleece. And now I brush with the left hand over the right. ClaudiaRN 8 years ago on Introduction. You might also want to make your own "drop spindle".

It's nice if you can do this on a warm summer day out on the lawn but if you live in a city or are processing fiber in wet or cold weather it's not practical.

Felt makers use these qualities to their advantage by shocking the wool with drastic changes in temperature, and by agitating and manipulating the wool.

It was a short stick, on one end of which was loosely wound the raw material. Select an amount of the fleece you wish to wash and place in the mesh bag if you are using them. There is of course the other option of spinning the wool as it is, unwashed and in the grease and just washing it when the yarn is made.

Hand spinning

Ask me how I know But in my opinion that is all you need to observe. If I ever get a washing machine I'll certainly have to try other methods. That is the Question. Just takes a little patience.

Preparing Wool for Handspinning

Thank you Cathy. An all-rounder with an in depth grasp of the basics and why they work the way they do, Ann also runs her own online textile equipment mail order business www. Then the yarn is wound onto the bobbin, and the process starts again. Later, a hook of bone was added to the upper end. Other than some red itchy places on my hands for a few days I was OK. Does carding remove it? We set the thermostat on our hot water tank at F when washing wool.

Get this step right and all the next steps will go smoothly and you will get the product at the other end that you desire.