Vampire Fish: one of the world’s scariest freshwater predators

If you're looking to fish for payara in the Amazon and Orinoco River regions of Brazil and Venezuela, this is the place to start planning your trip, learn more about the species and payara fishing tactics, and outfit yourself with tackle, lures, clothing and other great stuff More. Payaras eat most fish smaller than them, but the bulk of their diet is comprised of piranhas, which they impale with their sharp teeth.

Needless to say, the tank was spotless! This is a great fish for eating, and two of these fed us for 3.

Share Osprey down here are all migrants from elsewhere. This silvery carnivore tends to feed on other fishes and will look for other prey of opportunity. Cynodontidae with the description of two new species".

10 More Terrifying Killer Fish

One of the most striking displays that I have ever seen was a very large aquarium in Germany, probably somewhere in the range of or gallons. Have to put down cement! Rivers, the Payara is found in the family Cynodontidae. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. While volumes can be written about this interesting and exciting group of fishes, it simply cannot be done here.

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Payara – Vampire Fish

Unfortunately, human interference has led to this dinosaur age sea monster becoming threatened with extinction. Hydrolycus scomberoides lower illustration and Rhaphiodon vulpinus upper illustration.

CS1 maint: Aggression is most extreme when the parents are protecting their young. Stumble 4K. The blood loss could possibly be fatal to the unfortunate swimmer in of itself, but even worse, the wounds could attract an even more deadly reef shark.

The Vampire Fish

David J. The Flathead lurks in dark crevices in the Missouri river and other major water ways across the continent, and bursts forward with lightning speed to capture prey in its rubber-like grip. J4K3 says: It is probably pretty apparent that these fish need huge tanks. We also used the head for a special project! When we fear the attacks of deadly killer fish, we imagine being bitten, swallowed or dragged to the depths.

Fish Prezi Project - The Vampire Fish by Noah Weible on Prezi

Q Wikispecies: Cuvier , [1]. An Arapaiama would swallow one easily along with most larger catfish if given the chance. Hidden categories: Views Read Edit View history. Growing up to 4 feet in length and weighing up to 50 pounds, Giant Snakeheads are ferocious predators capable of destroying almost any medium sized animal they encounter.

The Vampire Fish is sometimes described as a silver missile with an attitude.