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Can't wait to read the next one. Carrie is such a strong character for someone so young. Ciara O'Brien. Image Credit: This is a question that, in slightly different forms, gets asked a lot by those considering a UX design career. I look forward to the next book! I can see why the author did this as an educating of the reader but frankly it was dull and difficult for me to get through those parts.

When he wins, he picks her as his queen at the evening ball. I am looking forward to the next book. Justo Belgrano 3y ago. This is a rather long Christian novel that explores several fictional characters associated within a Virgina plantation just prior to the Civil War.

I liked Carrie a lot as she loves the land and the plantation, and her father gives her the freedom of going anywhere on their property on her beautiful horse she loves. Mr Larkin said the company was expanding by per cent, outstripping the market average. This book, the first of a series that gets no better, is predictable, poorly written and demands editing for gross errors.

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She leaned on the Lord, and her good sense and truth to guide her. Find out who will be in the office and plan your baking accordingly. Most people put a lot of effort into their work. She grew up being a best friend to a slave girl, Rose, and the story follows them as they mature and their relationship evolves.

I am looking forward to her continuing story. Carrie along the way decides she is against slavery which is definitely not the norm in her environment. Welcome to the official Stereo Production Podcast!

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I won't be buying any more in the series Branko Mogollon 3y ago. This book is the first in the Bregdan Chronicles series about the Cromwell Plantation and its year old mistress, who must take over the running of the plantation after her mother dies. Carrie, however, sees that her fathers slaves are the ones who work the fields, make the bricks, care for the animals, clean the house, and cook the food and doesn't believe that they couldn't care for themselves.

The plantations of the two main characters remain intact despite being located in areas located near highly conflicted battle zones. I fell in love with all the characters and felt I was part of the families, experiencing every situation they were going through. I became intrigued with several incidents that I was never taught in school, esp.

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She enjoys writing many different genres but admits Historical Fiction is her favorite. Profits are calculated as the money you make, subtracted with the investment you made. Other Popular Editions of the Same Title. The story is about the Cromwell family, in particular Carrie Cromwell. I enjoyed the book - to a point. Well, let me put it like this: