Roger Lloyd-Pack: 20 of Trigger's funniest Only Fools and Horses jokes, quotes and one-liners

The main plot wouldn't be so bad had this not been released around the same time as Sidney Lumet's Before the Devil Knows You're Dead- a much similar, but far superior crime thriller. Doctor Who Christmas and New Year's specials.

Paul Davis as Poker Player. I'm sorry. The two have even both guest starred on the sci-fi series, just at different times. And like so many British actors before him, he once scored a guest role on Doctor Who. Dirty John. Andy Pryor, the casting director, did not believe Gambon would be available, and was surprised when Gambon accepted the role. Olivier, Laurence "This isn't Hamlet, you know, it's not meant to go into the bloody ear.

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London, England: Starting with this episode, Arthur Darvill achieved regular status as companion Rory. Brown, James "I'm going away tonight. Scrooge A Christmas Carol Mrs. Log In. Well before he was famous, in fact over a decade before his breakout role in Trainspotting , Jonny Lee Miller played a background character in a Classic Who episode. Lipstick and skin.

Simon Dee If you aren't a big fan of Garfield, you could even miss him altogether if you aren't paying attention.

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Speaking about his acting legacy in a interview with the BBC, Lloyd-Pack said he knew that Only Fools and Horses would be what he was remembered for. She was guarded by attendants, who sprayed her regularly with a patented moisturising formula kept in canisters.

True Detective. Doctor Who Confidential. The two characters become fast friends and the Doctor invites the older version of Canton to his fake funeral.