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OK so how does Brer Bear end up tied up in a ball hanging from a rope while Brer Fox stands below him with an ax? To re-wire and test each figure took an additional three months before the attraction could open, as programmers were tasked with having to make characters "forget" their old America Sings settings and then perform with a decent level of realism in accordance with the new settings.

Carlos medina Says Based on the animated film, Song of the South , this log flume ride features the antics of Brer Fox and Brer Bear's attempts to catch the wily Brer Rabbit as he looks for his laughing place.

The log departs the loading area, where Br'er Frog provides introductory narration.

See the thorny bowe…well you know the rest. Before the return to the loading area, riders are given a preview of their picture that was taken on the final drop via an overhead screen. Premium Member. In other words, Disney boldly chose not to throw the baby out with the bath water when it came to the characters of Song of the South. May 26, at But Splash Mountain also includes two other songs from the movie: Whereas most log flume attractions are fast and to-the-point, Disney went a different way with Splash Mountain.

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What caused them to do a ride (Splash Mountain) based on a movie they weren't releasing?

Visit Blog Home. My synopsis of the animated part of Song of the South is as follows-. The mood turns ominous as two mother characters an opossum and rabbit sing the "Burrow's Lament. The Official Album CD.

An indoor segment follows the drop, after which the logs make a final entrance into a section of the mountain named "Doo-Dah Landing", where a full cast of Audio-Animatronic figures sing "Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah" and the respective fates of Br'er Rabbit reclined happily at home and the antagonists fending off a hungry Br'er Gator are seen. But even if there was no date anyone with an elementary education of US history should know that it is AFTER the Civil War, because at one point in the movie Uncle Remus says he's going to pack-up and leave.

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We frogs love nothing more than a Disney ride. A bear print ominously marks the spot below him. If you do, then you remember Splash Mountain, one of the top thrill rides at the Disney parks since The logs dive through the fabled brier patch about which Br'er Rabbit protested so famously into a pond below. Splash Mountain.

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The Empress Lilly said: Here is foreshadowing of how things end up in the film and how they will end for you the rider. Br'er Bear follows him, ending up being attacked by bees as Br'er Rabbit laughs at his misfortunes in the surreal Rainbow Caverns, where characters sing "Everybody's Got a Laughin' Place. Terms of Service.