life: SOUTH AFRICA x STR.CRD 2011 – DAY 1 x THEOPHILIUS LONDON, LEVI MAESTRO, and more (9.22.11)

Subscribe to this comment feed via RSS Name required: The city lends its spaces to the event, but does the event interact with the city besides offering another slice of America for the youth of Johannesburg to consume. I stop at the BP; to buy cigarettes mindful of the fact that no one at a Johannesburg party has cigarettes or a lighter. Subscribe to this comment feed via RSS. Swede and Crowe Shop exhibition.

The concert is a ticketed event. Bafana Mthembu Andile Biyana. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Turns out when you grow up with graffiti artist Faith47 as a mom and renowned tattoo artist Tyler Murphy as a dad, some of the creativity is bound to rub off on you.

Long story short I am amazed, if not impressed by these collective of passionate illustrators of my time. And by using greii instead of grey, I am showing my character of deforming objects.

One Comment Post a comment. Name required: Painting is considered by many to be a cloistered process executed in a studio or private space.

THE STYLISTA — x Saturday

Saturday is for your dancing feet and the single ladies with amazing performance by the Sibot, Dirty Paraffin and Ricky Rick. Apart from taking snaps for The Botswana Gazette, Karabo can be found stalking your girlfriend on Facebook. Picture by: For more information check out our blog at www. The festival provided spaces for various creatives to exhibit their work in fashion, film , music, photography and much more.

In addition, his work has also been displayed at the. Whatever African-American expressions are, they are the bedrock of street culture. The stall section was probably the best part of the event.

The title Jackson 5 makes reference both to the American Abstract Expressionist artist Jackson Pollock and the Pop group of the 60s and 70s. Cookie Policy. Painted in 3 hours - Johannesburg, c. Trust the colour pallette styletribesa freshbycaddy. Graffiti artists attempt to create a private space within the city through the act of tagging, writing their pseudonym in public space.

All in all, I left having a mediocre time. For its third consecutive year, I expected more.