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Thank you very very much! Usually when you see these, a definition or concept preceded it. Marlton, NJ: February 20, Through preposition.

Careful Sentence Examples

It will also help you learn more words and use the ones you already know more correctly. Careful implies guarding against mistakes, by paying strict and close attention to details, and, often, trying to use good judgment: When we are rejected in adulthood by a mate or lover, the feelings we experience are anger at being rejected.

They praised her taste and toilet, and at eleven o'clock, careful of their coiffures and dresses, they settled themselves in their carriages and drove off. Andy chose the careful insult which he would throw in Buck's face.

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She also provided enough detail measurements, temperatures, distances, etc. The results, I have learnt many words of vocabulary, I improved my oral understanding but still some difficulties of pronunciations.

Mnemonic devices, or memory techniques and learning aids, include inventive sayings or practices that help you remember. This seemingly small error could radically alter the flavour of your dish!

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After careful consideration of your proposal , I regret to say that we are unable to accept it. Translation Tips. All writers struggle with the spellings of certain words; they become aware of their spelling weaknesses and work to improve. Please set a username for yourself. Middleton-Moz, J. Peace, Piece Peace noun.

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In times of overproduction, the manufacturer tries to lower operating costs by decreasing the number of employees. I felt like such an airhead when I got up to give my speech. Way of the Lawless Max Brand. Thankfully I wore my sandals, so I could feel the warmth of the sand between my toes but protect my feet in case the sand got too hot.

Compare and contrast. In one paragraph, describe in detail what you think makes a person successful. Means next or at a specific time. Show less.