The Holy Ghost Helped Me Decide on a College

How Does the Holy Ghost Help You? - By Elder Gary E. Stevenson

Your browser does not support the audio element. A few days prior to the meeting, President Tateoka had an impression, a feeling in his heart, to invite all missionaries of that zone to the leadership meeting, instead of the prescribed small number of elder and sister leaders.

We fail an examination that is vital to our future. Our best friend is permanently crippled in an accident. Ask the children how they feel when they do good things. Third, the gift of the Holy Ghost comes by the laying on of hands. This could include a simple, brief experience from your own life when you were guided by the Holy Ghost.

Robert L. The Holy Ghost is a personage of spirit.

Holy Spirit

As I continued to go to school there, I knew I was in the right place. Post a Comment. Life was about to get scary. May I conclude by giving personal witness. I bear testimony that one of the privileges we enjoy as Latter-day Saints living in the fulness of times is the gift of the Holy Ghost.

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The Holy Ghost Helps Me

When the audible voice came to the brothers Lehi and Nephi, it is described in the book of Helaman as. Explain that the Holy Ghost can help us know when something is true or real.

I remember how difficult it was to read the test questions. Ask family members why the "it" person can't get help from the "Helper".

He loves us and helps us. Do you feel at peace with your choices? Then David felt safe and happy. A third way that the Holy Ghost can teach us is to bring to our mind forgotten things.

Sunbeams and Sundaes: Finding Joy in LDS Teaching: Lesson 7 - The Holy Ghost Helps Me

I was then comforted and reminded of the things that I know. Even though few people ever see Heavenly Father and Jesus, the Holy Ghost can help us know that Heavenly Father and Jesus are real and that they love us.

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