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Available to new subscribers only. I love your step by step pictures. Try this! Now that the live stitches are secured with waste yarn, remove your work from the needle. Pretty Bralettes Make easy-to-sew lingerie with comfortable bust support. Tie a knot at the end of the yarn on your darning needle and insert the needle through the stitch that's nearest to you on the left piece. Shoulder Seams bound-off edges Step 1: Upload a picture for other readers to see.

The picture below shows how this works—but before we actually remove any stitches, we need to pin the collar to the neckline. MrsHGW October 3rd. Edit Related wikiHows. Lay the collar so that the waste yarn stitches overlap the neckline edge of the sweater and the cast-on edge of the collar points away from the sweater body. Figure 28d. In the end, the live stitches of the collar and the backstitches themselves will cover the neckline edge so precisely where you place your needle into the neckline stitches is really not vital, just continue stitching at even intervals in a manner that you find pleasing.

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Threads Insider Exclusives View All. Many thanks. This site uses cookies. That part of the seam doesn't open out flat or press well, either.

Now, count the stitches between the 2 lines that are 1" apart.

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OK, I can hear you say that you don't backstitch. Cut the yarn and pull the end through the last loop; weave in the end to secure.

The wrong sides should both face out. Get the latest including tips, techniques and special offers straight to your inbox.

Gently tug the yarn so the seam is secure. Cut waste yarn, leaving another short tail. February 1, at I just used this stitch in one of my wedding alterations and it is also used in beading. Threads Insider Get instant access to hundreds of videos, tutorials, projects, and more.

Back needle: Use a slip knot or whatever knot you're comfortable with making to securely tie it to the piece. Notice how the collar piece looks at rest and then observe how much the waste yarn edge can be stretched around the neckline. I like dense, luxurious collars that contain a lot of stitches and since the backstitch method allows you to ease your collar into place around the neckline, you can simply cast on the size collar you want without having to worry about changing needles sizes or incorporating increases as you might in a picked-up collar.

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When actually sewing on a collar you would make the second pass through this stitch at the end of attaching the entire collar. Discuss View 4 comments. Knitting Print Edit Send fan mail to authors.