1:8-10 Zechariah at the altar of Incense

Paul asks in Romans 8: Access date: Luke 1: Permissive or Prohibitive? Thanks for the valuable information.

Zechariah at the altar of Incense Alfred Place Baptist Church

Our Propitiation The Silence of the Scriptures: Second, the golden altar clearly is located in the holy place in other passages Exodus It was at this altar that Zechariah ministered when an angel appeared to him Luke 1: Zechariah belonged to the priestly division of Abijah; he was Zechariah Abijah.

He will never pass our blame onto others. The Story of My Conversion. All these ceremonies and structures and officials pointed forward to Christ. The incense used had to be made according to a specific formula Exodus Kay, William. Sweet-smelling smoke from incense represented the people's prayers ascending to God.

The Altar of Incense Symbolizes Prayers Rising to God

Blog at WordPress. That there was a very strong connection between the altar of incense and the most holy place is evinced by several suggestions in the Old Testament. Hebrews 7: The brass altar of burnt-offering was five cubits square within a courtyard which was fifty cubits wide. Again, there were no other sacrifices permitted to be offered on this Golden Altar other than the incense i. The golden altar is a place of prayer which is strong in bring down the forces of evil.

By it the holy place and the holy of holies behind the curtain were made fragrant; the garments of the priests were impregnated with the fragrance. It was square, 5 cubits in length and in breadth, and 3 cubits in height. This is a must read for all Christians. Gnomon of the New Testament.

Tabernacle Studies: The Golden Altar or Altar of Incense

Several solutions to the difficulty have been proposed. We today know that the golden altar speaks of the intercession of Christ. This is no sinning priest as every priest in the Old Testament was, needing to make a sacrifice for his own sins as well as for all the worshippers.

Sinai Hebrews 8: It had a horn in each corner, just as the brass altar did.

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Retrieved So here is godly Zechariah, and he is a priest, one of the 18, priests in Israel at this time, the descendants of Aaron of the tribe of Levi. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Jackson, Wayne. Singapore Huan, Piaw January March Go Ye Into All the World: Grand Rapids, MI: The Function of the Altar This is clearly stated in Exodus Are You a Member or a Member?