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Helga is regarded by most of her peers as a bully. Gladly I go now to see to your delicious face. An awkward teen proud of her awkwardness.

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We like Pataki, it sounds funny. As you already know, Helga has many family problems. She has made some appearances in other outfits, though see screenshots section. July 6, Oooh, good taste in shows though eh? My Art Me Hey Arnold! Simmons began to speak "Alright kids, now I want you to sit near your partner. That's crazy I don't like her! Question Does Arnold writes letters to Helga, and if so, does she reads them?

Phoebe is too shy to stand up to Helga, since she's tough, mean and nasty. Nadine just sat there with a blank stare; she had no idea how to respond. Craig Bartlett I want to do an episode where Helga runs away to find Arnold.

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I mean Hir Boy! Simmons' constant praise of her literary work, though he always withholds her name possibly out of respect as she gets embarrassed when he reads them aloud.

Views 3, Favourites who? Turn your desks near each other or even switch desks with someone. Why can't you just do the poem and I draw, or maybe we could both work together on the poem and the art like the teacher wants.

Helga G. Pataki

After Arnold had pulled out the couch she made herself at home without saying a word and placing herself on the couch with her beg right next to her by her feet. D Tags: Facebook VKontakte Google.

Some more specific examples of Helga interacting with other kids are: COM Ah, the Patakis.