Top 10 Chemicals Most Likely to Cause Autism and Other Learning Disorders

Gardener et al. Signing Up. Donate to Living on Earth! Assisted reproductive technology. Castro et al. Many previous studies of environmental risk factors have been limited by small sample size, retrospective or cross-sectional design, indirect measurement of exposure, and inability to ascertain exact timing of exposure with relation to a critical neurodevelopmental period.

Most of studies of indirect exposure have shown an association between one or more environmental toxin exposures and ASD, even though the results have been inconsistent. However, the included studies were generally of high quality. Very few conditions are caused only by genes.

Fluoride Action Network Harvard Professor: Fluoride Toxic to Children, Linked to Autism

Developmental neurotoxins, which are capable of causing widespread brain disorders such as autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, learning disabilities, often cause untreatable and permanent damage.

Sign up for our free newsletter for updates on the latest fluoride developments. This is not like a small group we can put in a closet. Female protective effect. Yet Wolfe still fears that her 4-year-old's autism may have resulted from chemicals infiltrating her womb, whether components of her migraine medicine, contaminants brought home from her husband's work installing rubber flooring, or remnants of the remodeling the couple did on their house.

Creating positive outcomes for future generations. J Neurosci. Epigenetics of autism spectrum disorders. Three studies showed association between phthalate exposure and ASD; two studies showed no association.

What causes autism? Exploring the environmental contribution.

The latter study was the first to illustrate how genes and the environment might interact to trigger the disease. This subsequently leads to impaired methylation and alters the capacity for synchronizing neural networks through impaired dopamine D4 receptor function. Medication use during pregnancy [ 24 ], Air pollution [ 46 ], For example, younger siblings of autistic children can also be autistic.

Two hundred of them are neurotoxic in adult humans, and more in laboratory models. Kobayashi et al. Heavy metals and severity [ 49 ], Regions that are involved in cognitive function such as hippocampus and cortex are commonly injured following neonatal hypoxia [ 87 ].

Harvard Professor: Fluoride Toxic to Children, Linked to Autism

Food for thought: Hum Reprod Update. The second line of evidence I would call proof of principle. Twins are matched for many characteristics including age, in utero and family environment, and various aspects of early and late development. Contact us Submission enquiries: Hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy MMR: Maternal hemorrhage [ 25 ], Maternal smoking and autism spectrum disorder: