United States budget sequestration in 2013

The White House prefaced Obama's remarks by releasing a report detailing the impact of the cuts state by state, on Sunday evening. Ryan said that the House Republicans have already passed a bill that he authored to reverse the sequester for The Budget Enforcement Act of supplanted the fixed deficit targets. That increase is far beyond the partial sequester relief negotiated in and At the time no one thought the sequester cuts would ever happen.

This page was last edited on 28 October , at The last time the automatic budget cuts happened, in , things got pretty ugly. Discretionary spending includes both defense and non-defense spending elements, but excludes mandatory programs such as Social Security and Medicare. Read it here. GOP vice presidential nominee Rep. On August 2, , President Obama signed the Budget Control Act of as part of an agreement with Congress to resolve the debt-ceiling crisis.

Some public interest groups concerned about the federal budget wanted to stop the sequester, but few offered detail plans beyond a "balanced approach" for replacing the automatic cuts. Of course, that presumed there were enough wiser heads for that strategy to work.

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Arguably, he can be relatively more fearless and take more risks when it comes to the public reaction than Republicans can. Are they willing to compromise to protect vital investments in education and health care and national security and all the jobs that depend on them? The specter of fearsome damage to both sides kept the U. Such an approach could lessen the near-term fiscal headwinds facing the recovery while more effectively addressing the longer-term imbalances in the federal budget.

The cuts became law after the supercommittee failed to reach a deal on deficit reduction, and will go into effect Jan.

Budget sequestration

Hidden categories: Budget Control Act of and Budget sequestration in Retrieved 5 January The bill also provides Defense and Veterans Affairs some flexibility to fine-tune the sequester cuts. While it's hard to say for sure which side the majority of Americans will ultimately come down on many are clueless about the sequester, a recent poll found many voters are likely to agree with Erskine Bowles about the unwise nature of the cuts, regardless of who gets the blame.

Retrieved 15 October Gannett Government Media. But in the summer of , House Republicans insisted that actual spending cuts go along with an increase to the debt limit. Hampton Roads Military and Federal Facilities alliance Executive Director Craig Quigley is happy to hear it, but he points out that it must be Congress which amends the Budget Control Act that created sequestration in the first place.

That's the choice. But a deal by Friday appears increasingly unlikely, with no negotiations even underway between the two sides.

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