Get workdays between dates

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Do not take account of public holidays falling on a weekend. The weekend argument can accept either a number or a string. Majeed says: Date Sales A column B columns 1.

But I have to have real days in months 30 or INTL to use other days of the week as the weekend. Calculating the Number of Work Days between two dates for unusual shifts. April 23, at 6: Is it possible? Dale says: Since the weekends are never listed, can we make those days not factor in so the count can go Friday to Monday and continue shading conditionally? Hi Skyyang, In your explanation, start date and end date are from same month.


Joshua says: Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London. User Testimonials Customers say. Public holidays. February 7, at 9: I need from the below data: I have some engineers, who are working in two countries every month.

Ask Question. Okay, and what does the rule based on this formula do?

Calculate the number of (working) days between two dates

We thank you for understanding! Today, wednesday, 27 february, Working day: Since the project was completed early, how can I make the results a negative number I. In the above formula, B2 indacates the end data, and B1 indacates the start date.

Converts a provided number to a date.