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Attachment From Grille obviously: Posting Rules. Omaha, NE. Dec Location: On the factory ones the only thing that I see possibly grounding them is the mounts. The passenger has a C and D note. Next Topic. Power Tour Gallery. In the fuse chamber I soldered up a female push on connector and inline fuse holder to tap DC off the unused ABS brake terminal.

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Be sure they clear the latch mechanism that "drops" when the hood is closed. I dont see any marking on the horn or am I looking at the wrong place. This page was last updated: The A. I have had a set of those on my 93LE since , and wouldn't trade them.

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Then I'll run the new wire 18 gauge from the 87 to the horns, connect the horns in parallel, and ground the negative terminal on each of the horns to the body. Browse or search our inventory with our user-friendly vehicle picker. Courtesy Nissan N.

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VIDEO 2. Privacy Policy. Like many other Americans, I have have a penchant for pointless noisemaking, so only a horn fit for a pimp passes muster. That would explain why I didn't hear the low D like I had remembered. Not sure going back into the 80s. I most certainly will Mark Forums Read. It's nice to see someone actually make use of the extra foot of air between the radiator and the grill!! Two horns will draw far less amps than old four note horns--and that's the issue.

Sponsored Links. The tough part is finding the damn horns. Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements. My horns actually came off an Olds - mid to late 90s?? Sorry to bring back an old post, but what year Caddy has the 4 note horn.

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Like Ed said all 4 notes must be a different note. Some like the even bigger air horn setups, but my gut feeling is this route will be more reliable and care free in the long haul. There are some better videos of the loudness of them on YouTube. Our staff is here to answer any of your inquiries. Yonkers, NY Posts: Find More Posts by Mishimoto.