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The government's first priority was to locate all potential contacts.

Duncan, their tenant, helped to transfer Williams by taxi to an Ebola treatment ward in Monrovia. It is spread through bodily fluids, and patients are contagious only while they're displaying symptoms. October 21, Texas nurse tests positive". Obama will name Ron Klain as Ebola Czar".

December 27, Page last updated: Lagos is Africa's largest city, with a population of 21 million. But, Schaffner notes, the "core public health reason for taking that individual out of that family is that you interrupt transmission.

We want to hear what you think about this article. Previously, four patients already diagnosed with Ebola had been taken to the U. Both were nurses who treated an Ebola patient; both have recovered. It may not be as contagious as some reports have suggested, but Ebola's ability to provoke a " cytokine storm " is dangerous and debilitating.

And since September 24 the country's Ebola isolation and treatment wards have sat empty.

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Blood oxygen levels and blood pressure also need to be maintained at the right level, and body organs supported while the person's body fights the infection. Harvard University: Katherine Harmon Courage is a freelance journalist. Retrieved 26 October New York Daily News.

Business Insider. Dan Varga, said all staff had followed CDC recommendations. Retrieved August 21, Shoichet November 10, November 13, However, because of ongoing surveillance and strengthened response capabilities, the affected countries now have the experience and tools to rapidly identify cases and limit the spread of the disease.

Health care worker tests positive at Texas hospital. Retrieved November 14, Why so many? It is a major hub for travel and business. There's still a small chance occasional cases of Ebola may occur in Africa as the virus is present in several countries there, but the risk for people travelling to Africa is minimal. Retrieved October 28, October 22, Virginia has also implemented mandatory twice daily temperature reporting and daily monitoring from health authorities, but has also authorized mandatory quarantine for higher risk patients.

Menu Close menu. The first people treated for Ebola inside the U. New vaccine trial begins". AP News.