Antique Mantel Clocks Set Up And Care

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Sold Lots Commission: Gently hold the balance wheel with two fingers, and move the regulator in the direction needed towards F for faster or towards S for slower. I'm sad for my brothers death, but I'm especially happy that his grandfather clock now sits in my living room and it reminds me of him every hour as it plays it beautiful chimes!

Chime Adjustments After shipping the chime hammer may need to be adjusted in order to appropriately strike the bell. Also gave us more specific info on details we didn't know or had forgotten. The top side panels are held from the inside by tape or a plastic clip.

How to Wind a Grandfather Clock: 10 Steps (with Pictures)

If its a big clock and you are not confident then get somebody quite strong and mechanically minded to do this for you.

Condition see all. Auction Details. Suspensions do not have to be exact in length, if the clock runs slow then raise the pendulum bob with the screw at the bottom of the pendulum rating nut threads. It is only held in place by friction, unlike the minute hand which has a hard connection.

Chime Clock Instructions

Never let the key snap back in your hand, always release it gently after each half-turn. The clock stands approx. About This Article. These techniques merely postpone the need for a proper overhaul.

Grandfather Clocks Manual

Method 1. Featured Articles Clocks In other languages: Then follow these steps: Move it only a small amount each time. UK Only. The remaining length from this measurement and the CM length from the back plate, will be the approximate leader length. If you do not see a hole, and your clock did not come with a crank or key, see the instructions for chain-wound clocks instead. Packing and carriage costs must be settled by the buyer.

Cardinal Rules 1-It's ok to move the hour hand gently and if it is hard to move stop to set time or correct bell ring on your antique mantel clock but NEVER move the minute hand other than clockwise.

Suspension Springs Usually there are three components to a clock pendulum assembly. Moving it counter-clockwise will damage your antique mantel clock's mechanism.

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