Jean-Philippe Susilovic

Tennille disagrees with the nominations and sends Suzanne and Van up.

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Arthur Smith Kent Weed. She was eliminated in Hell's Kitchen episode 6 due to her lack of confidence but he praised her for her ability in the kitchen. Maybe he and Ramsay had a falling out. Copyrighted material appearing on this site constitutes fair use, and no challenge to copyright is implied.


But there are still cameras in the bathroom. In fact, Smith and Weed explained they specifically don't want anyone who wants to be a TV star. He was eliminated in Hell's Kitchen episode 12 due to not being ready for the Head Chef job but praised as a phenomenal competitor.

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Hell's Kitchen contestant Jessica Vogel dies at 34

Van's concerned with his fish, so he starts firing it Scott Liebfried Heather West. The Man Who Ate the World: When the contestants aren't cooking in Hell's Kitchen, they are cooking for themselves in the dormitory kitchen.

New York: Web design by Jason Elliott. And all the Google searches you do for "Jean-Philippe Susilovic" turns up nothing about what he's up to these days. All of it makes sense, and is perfectly understandable.

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Hell's Kitchen (2005) s08e01 Episode Script

He put up with abuse from his foul-mouthed boss, saying: The Mail on Sunday. Ramsay decides to eliminate As a result, it's a relatively safe assumption that Season 18 could continue the trend and this coming fall.

She's rock star tonight. I missed three seasons because we relaunched Petrus in a different location and started a project in South Africa. Newer Post Older Post Home. Stamplandia 12 December at After the show, she returned to her cookery school The Classy Gourmet and has been on television on local interest shows. He was runner up in Hell's Kitchen season