Change your DNS to avoid or bypass broadband 'outages' like Comcast's

Just upgraded my cable modem, they gave me an arris and my internal dns plain broke can't resolve anything unless I use comcast's dns servers as forwarders for bind. It may have been a Level 3 issue. Page content loaded. Switching back to the DNS automatically assigned by Comcast may be a quick fix!

opendns - Comcast Router blocks DNS settings - Super User

Occasionally checking their phones will give you some indication of what they are doing for texting alternatives. Over the past month or so I noticed that I was starting to get some serious lag during network requests. Y'all are really awesome! After further investigation, I determined that slow DNS queries were, at least, part of the problem. Skip to content Customer Login Get Support. GPS inventors win prize for greatest engineering innovation Work of the team that built the global navigation system honoured with top engineering prize.

By Zoli Erdos on May 15, Super User works best with JavaScript enabled. I guess I was asking if anyone used their DNS and noticed any problems with it, although you're right that everyone's mileage can vary.

It's interesting that no one else with the exception of kquinn is experiencing this. Thu Feb 26, Now use the steps above to set the DNS values. Out of curiosity have you tried contacting Comcast and asking them if they are indeed using a transparent proxy? Click Apply and OK. But you can take this into your own hands very simply.

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How to use Open DNS with Comcast on a Verizon DSL modem?

Stay there until their age of majority and you will be all set! December 14, Tue Feb 24, 6: Never make anything rouge! Maybe it's a default behavior of the gateway.