Child-Proofing Windows and Stairs

Zip-ties may be your best friend. Visualizing your staircase. Babyproofing Basics: British property millionaires has fallen by 35, Credit subject to status. Wood can be very slippery for older toddlers and even babies, when crawling on steps.

The white sofas that once seemed like a great idea are suddenly covered in crayon-proof throws. Products that comply with these standards will have a sticker on the packaging or on the unit itself.

How To Baby Proof Stairs: Keep Those Falls Away!

Is it possible to email over a picture of your staircase or a similar staircase if you are uncomfortable sharing photos of your home and I will see if I can identify a suitable solution? Last week she figured out how to open the gate and has been coming downstairs by herself. Sleep time.

If you have spaces between vertical rails or risers that will allow an object larger than 4 inches to pass between them, they should be reported during an inspection as in need of repair because they pose a risk to a child who tries to climb on the rail or gets stuck between them.

More inspection articles like this. There are hundreds of different baby gates designed to keep your child safe on the stairs.

Childproofing Stairs: A How-To Guide

This baby gate has extensions that can be purchased separately that will allow it to cover virtually any distance with enough extension pieces. The newel post is the supporting post that sits at either end of the balustrade.

Another option may be to get a custom shaped baby gate and bend it around the entire base of the stairs, essentially leaving the stairs in their own little pen. Great for high traffic areas.

These stops are easily removable by an adult whenever necessary. They suggest avoiding pressure gates that can be easily pushed out of place.

Check it out. For those of you who are feeling frugal or simply love a DIY project, you can easily make your own baby gate mounts using the following directions. So when installing, you simply extend the rail as far as needed for your particular staircase, and then lock it in place.

Baby Proof Your Staircase Without Drilling into the Banister

Use furniture straps or anchors to secure any climbable furniture to the wall or the floor. Keeping your staircase in good overall condition will help prevent potential accidents. Handy essentials to help make your home baby safe. Adjustable headrests and padded liners mean you can rest assured they're safe, while baby toys will provide distraction and amusement.

If you did want extra security you could try a door alarm sets off an alarm when a door is opened or a wireless motion sensor. These baby gates are popular among parents who have open staircases Stairs without one or more sides. If your little one is only climbing the stairs under your direct and immediate supervision then fencing them off is really the best solution.

Building regulations state the bottom two steps of a staircase do not require a balustrade — making it incredibly difficult to attach a stair gate.