Mei Tai, Front Position

Royal Mail Tracked Options: I'm really disappointed as I needed a sling to replace my close caboo, which is now too stretchy for an older baby. Plus its favourable baby position you won't be disappointed: The back panel does not come up high enough in my opinion.

The sling is very well made and excellent value for money. The end of the belt rolls up and hides under the elastic band. Please contact us for more information if required and a full list of areas not covered by the next day service.

Uppy Mama ™

This carrier offers the option to nurse hand free, though some women with larger breasts may find it slightly difficult. Delivery Policy Standard Delivery: We wanted to find something to help carry my dog as we walk for hours. The carrier panel, belt straps, and shoulder straps are clearly definited.

However for me this sling has been great I was a little apprehensive at first about putting her on my back by myself but with a little practice it's fine.

Mei Tai baby carriers

Good value for money! She is 16lb and fits beautifully and sung inside, with lots of room left. Still tie as high as comfortable with inside of the waist facing out apron style.

Wish I got this sooner! Easy to use and feels secure when using. Straps crossed on back from under the arms to over opposite shoulder.

Free International Shipping. One size. Angel pack Mei-tai front carry baby sling.

curious about the pikkolo?

The colour I chose is lovely and there are some beautiful choices. It is a great quality product and I would definitely recommend this to anyone wanting a mei tai sling.

Delivery was extremely fast. I purchased this carrier Barack in February for my then 15 month old who was getting to big for my forward carrying sling. I needed one that I could put on and take off myself whilst also being sure of its safety.

Love the design and easy enough to put on but my 14 week old baby was soo heavy in it and it made my shoulders and neck ache! Brilliant sling. Really pleased with my purchase.