Everything you need to know about waxing but were afraid to ask

How Much To Tip a Hairdresser and Other Salon and Spa Professionals

Use this handy chart to quickly find an appropriate tip, or consult the sections below for a more in-depth response: Everything should appear clean and spotless. Still, sheesh—get a grip, girlfriend.

This may make you feel all squirmy, but the answer is no. Manicures are probably the only thing in NYC that are cheap. It is possible that you may get a great waxer, but then again, they may be inexperienced, newly apprenticed, and still getting the hang of waxing.

Yes, it sometimes happens, especially if your cuticle is dry and ragged, but in general, if a tech draws blood, they're being too aggressive with the nippers. Everything you need to know about nail salon etiquette. If you have a higher threshold for pain, then maybe take the chance. I'm on my period. She finished everything in 15 minutes and the experience was very painless. When visiting the bathroom in a fancy nightclub, it's customary to tip the person handing you towels — but only if you're comfortable doing so.

To make sure your hair is long enough, the standard school of thought is to not shave, pluck, or perform any kind of epilation for about 2—3 weeks before getting a bikini wax. Well, there you have it! Read on for some tipping guidelines for spray tanning, waxing, nail services, and hair services. Talk to the tech and the managers.

Share Pin Email. Atlantic Townhouse Apartments. Expect your hair to fully or almost-fully grow back within six weeks.

Before we got into anything else, we had to know right away: Please use the equivalent in the local currency. Best wax I've had. Latest in City.

Tipping Etiquette: A Guide for Travelers

Want more? Don't assume someone is giving you attitude--it might just be a language barrier or an issue with their accent. Plus Sizes Available. Report Inaccuracy. Somerset Condominiums. One of the most uncomfortable experiences of all time for a lady has to be getting a bikini wax OK, maybe second to child birth.