X pushes the official water rocket single stage world record to over 2, feet with an average of 2, feet.

Water rocket

For the beginners. As a backup, in case the ground observations failed to produce conclusive performance data, we installed an innovative "ChuteCam" system in place of the WRA2 required Apogee camera. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Rather effective Living Well. The two U-Bolts hold the launcher pipes to the base. Launch Tube o-ring Revised instructions for adding the o-ring to the Clark Cable Tie Launcher launch tube which simplify the build and improve the design. Machines Whisper Our Secrets Feb.

How to Make a Gardena Launcher for Water Rockets.

Water rocket nozzles differ from conventional combustion rocket nozzles in that they do not have a divergent section such as in a De Laval nozzle. This page was last edited on 21 August , at We could have used a RC model servomotor to trigger the hose nozzle, but it would have been drenched with water during each launch.

May 8, 1, feet On May 8th , a new WRA2 water rocket single stage world record was set by the famous X water rocket. This tutorial will show you how to use this new method to create perfect splices that are easier to create and outperform traditional splices in both strength and appearance. The Slipperiness of Ice Explained. Axial Deploy The objective of this tutorial is to demonstrate how to build a completely new type of parachute recovery system for water rockets.

We put a big TVS diode on each side of the 24V relay: As early as , we were experimenting with ways to get outside views of our water rocket.

Partners in Catalysis: Either a O-ring on the base of the nozzle, or a 1 inch flat washer on the mouth of the bottle. Hand-made water rockets are often based on hose nozzles that automatically lock themselves. Gallery We made this base for our Launcher from scrap wood. Radial Deploy System Since it is the key to safely recovering a rocket and payload and all the time, materials, and labor that went into building them To insure the safe recovery of our fragile and expensive experiments and payloads, we decided that we needed to invent a parachute system that was more reliable than anything ever flown before.

An autonomous water rocket launcher

If either one or even both of the parachutes became tangled or failed to inflate, the separate rocket sections would be too unstable to fall ballistically to the ground. These connectors are often called Gardena connectors because of a popular brand of connector that these launchers and nozzles were made from.

If you fly in an area prone to landing in trees, you can modify the design so that it will break away from the rocket with less force.