These, for undying honour to his son, the god [Helios] made amber, precious in men's eyes. The god reluctantly conceded to the boy's wishes and handed him the reigns. Too late! Homer, Iliad He saw something that looked like an apple lying on the ground and he tried to smash it with his club.

Gullick Greek rhetorician C2nd to C3rd A.

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Euripides, Phaethon lost play Greek tragedy C5th B. Now there was an oracle among the gods that they themselves would not be able to destroy any of the Gigantes, but would finish them off only with the help of some mortal ally. Euripides' version of the Phaethon story diverged in certain respects from the earlier play by Aeschylus. Orphica, Theogonies Fragment 54 from Damascius: Ovid, Metamorphoses 4.

From small to huge that Fury's stature grew; her arms of adamant were blood-besprent, the deadly lance she brandished reached the sky.

Let someone else take out my chariot that bears my sunbeams, or, if no one will, and all the gods confess they can't, let Jove [Zeus] drive it, and, as he wrestles with the reins, there'll be a while at least when he won't wield his bolt to rob a father of his son; and, when he's tried the fiery-footed team and learnt their strength, he'll know no one should die for failing to control them expertly. First she rebelled against her husband Ouranos Sky who had imprisoned several of her giant-sons within her womb.

Shining drops of amber fall from their eyes onto the sands and are dried by the sun. Now the youth is thrown from the chariot and is falling headlong--for his hair is on fire and his breast smouldering with the heat; his fall will end in the river Eridanos and will furnish this stream with a mythical tale.

Valerius Flaccus, Argonautica 2.

Diodorus Siculus, Library of History 5. Thither came Gaia carrying him swiftly through the black night to Lyktos first, and took him in her arms and hid him in a remote cave beneath the secret places of the holy earth on thick-wooded Mount Aigaion Aegaeum ; but to the mightily ruling son of Ouranos, the earlier king of the gods, she gave a great stone wrapped in swaddling clothes.

Melville Roman epic C1st B. And, prostrate there, she drenched in tears his name carved in the marble and hugged it to her breast.

GAEA (Gaia) - Greek Goddess of the Earth (Roman Terra, Tellus)

Beware of these two companies--both Planeta Planets and the company of fixed stars, lest bold Orion kill you with his knife, lest ancient Bootes hit you with fiery cudgel. His senses reel; he drops the reins aghast.

But great Kronos the wily took courage and answered his dear mother: Colluthus, Rape of Helen 38 ff trans. Campbell, Vol.

ERIS - Greek Goddess of Strife & Discord (Roman Discordia)

Ovid, Metamorphoses 1. The Naides Hesperiae Hesperian Naiads bury his smouldering body in a tomb and on a stone engrave this epitaph: Quintus Smyrnaeus, Fall of Troy 9. And Phaethon fell to the earth at the mouths of the river which is now known as the Pados Po , but in ancient times was called the Eridanos, and his sisters [the Heliades] vied with each other in bewailing his death and by reason of their exceeding grief underwent a metamorphosis of their nature, becoming poplar trees.

Then, when Titan [Helios] perceived the Morning Star [Eosphoros] setting and saw the world in crimson sheen and the last lingering crescent of Luna the Moon [Selene] fade in the dawn, he bade the nimble Horae Hours go yoke his steeds, and they, swift goddesses, fastened the jingling harness and the reins, as from the lofty stalls the horses came, filled with ambrosial food and breathing flame.