What is a Consent Agenda for a Board Meeting?

Pre-requisites to Implementing a Consent Agenda Pre-requisites include the following: Any reason is sufficient to move an item.

The package should be distributed to board members soon enough so that they have time to read through the documents prior to the meeting. The items are typically routine and non-controversial, or matters the board has achieved consensus on after previous discussion. This nuance covers rules described in their city charter which require a roll call vote for approval of financial matters. Sign In. Minutes should reflect that the vote was unanimous. Discuss what is the optimal policy re.

However, the earlier the packet, the more dated the material. Tools from Carla's Harvard Fellowship. Donate Now Go.

As a reminder for those readers not familiar with this practice, the consent agenda is a tool in which a variety of minor items can be voted on as a slate by a board.

Who drafted the consent agenda item to rescind the policy? Consent Agendas: At the time on the regular meeting agenda where there is to be action on the consent agenda, the chair should inquire whether any member would like an item removed. Board Forward is published 10 times a year by SmithBucklin, the association management and services company more organizations turn to than any other. For example, I know of a city council that requires a roll call vote to adopt their consent agenda.

The State of the State Budget Crises The nonprofit sector is the final frontier, at least in the midst of a state…. Perfunctory items such as formal approval of a contract that has already been talked to death at past meetings. Discussion Item: It is often accused of being a way for boards to rubber-stamp decisions made outside the boardroom. A few hours before the meeting, the committee voted to do away with the consent agenda.

That safety valve provides an assurance to all board members that the consent agenda is being used as a means to streamline board proceedings, not to give the board leaders or staff a means of keeping controversial items off the radar screen.

Board Forward: The Dos and Don’ts of Consent Agendas

Board Meeting Agenda Item 1: If requested by a single member, then the overall agenda is revised to take up the item requested for consideration. Make sure that all members understand the consent agenda process to help expedite the meeting. A consent agenda is a technique for addressing multiple topics in a single agenda item, such as committee reports, meeting minutes, and other items that don't require discussion.

Problem Boards or Board Problem? Using a consent agenda can save boards anywhere from a few minutes to a half hour.

An article in today's New York Times celebrates a "sea change" at the Port Authority for New Jersey and New York, an agency that has been drawing a great deal of attention for its misuse by board members for their political and financial interests and for the interests of their political allies.

Do you find that you spend most of your meeting time reviewing what has already occurred versus influencing future events? Recommendations or matters requiring board action as defined in bylaws or board administrative policies are separately considered as action items elsewhere on the agenda. Related Items.

Consent agendas, also known as consent calendars, are an excellent way to get around the disclosure of conflicts and, as Dallas showed us in , to amend ethics provisions without a discussion see my blog post on this. Create an Account - Increase your productivity, customize your experience, and engage in information you care about.

Items such as meeting minutes, routine correspondence, changes in policy or other matters can be bundled together and approved all at once by adopting the consent agenda in one motion. July 10, Home Contact Us. The following items are typically found on a consent agenda: If not, then the full board will redo its work and there is no point in utilizing the consent agenda in this area.