Morse code abbreviations

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Note So much for the urban legend of DX is the distance of X -- but makes a good story. The comma was transmitted by Morse operators and thus, AA came to mean that the receiving operator should "drop down one line" when sent after each part of the address and it is so defined in the operating manuals of the time. This seller requires the buyer to have a PayPal account to purchase this item. RG means "radio guide" and was the original military specification for coax cable, starting in the s.

Condition see all Condition. Need customer service? A ham is a code enthusiast. Verified Purchase.

SSB What does '44' mean?

Here are Cell Types and their approximate specs Being "cells" they are all 1. Click here. It was a major pain to tune with the Stryker, but Strykers are a pain to have anyway. This may be true in a few very limited areas where the author has penned their own unique definition to dx. Navy Pilots say the use of Roger Wilco is frowned on, use one or the other as applicable.

Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Standard coaxial line impedance for r. The whip adjust easily on it and it comes with an Allen key to adjust. Optimum diameter ratio for voltage breakdown is 2.

Dodge's The Telegraph Instructor shows it merely as "compliments. As a general rule most operators do not abbreviate unnecessarily, especially when communication with an operator that they do not know or whose experience is unknown.

Kenwood MJ-88

It is still used worldwide today. Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. After enough back and forth to ensure proper syncronicity, one of the stations would send QRZ? But it appears to have no factual basis.

According to a couple of books on code that have some limited historical references, "99" pre-dates CB. So what do all the numbers mean? Reprinted from YL Harmonics, Issue 2, If you removed the lid and stuck the can in between the sounder and the reflecting box then it amplified the sound and gave it a little rounder tone removed some of the click. Item specifics Condition: Webmaster note: Read more about the condition. ARC-5s were cheap and easy but not required.