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Hello, is this question related to Android app? Hi, it looks you selected wrong contacts database for synchronization. Do I need to do a One Way sync? Hello, my HTC salsa will not register my contacts, it registers all previous sms, can you please advise what am I doing wrong?

Hello, just set up the phone in the same fashion as you did before.

I'm trying to copy my contacts from my 'old' HTC Wilfire to a 'new' Moto G but not all the contacts have been uploaded to the Phonecopy account and so, obviously, I won't get them all on the Moto G. For me it is more than enough. The system is also able to handle collisions - changes of the same contact from both phones.

We have prepared a new beta version 2. Poner en modo download el samsung star.

The touch screen isnt that bad, sometimes you will press something and it wont register untill a few seconds later, and then you end up getting lost on it, and have to start over! Synchronizations are disabled. Lauren posted on Dec 26, , 6: This occurred lately as first I was able to access them.

Media was sent from Samsung S5, restored to Huawei Mate 20 lite. Hello, the thing you describe is "slow sync". If your contacts are stored in another account we recommend to import them to BlackBerry contacts account.

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Text input 4. On each phone in the settings there is contact settings and there you can set which contacts will be visible. We recommend you to use your local phone account instead of Google account for storing your contacts - if it is possible. To reset the phone lock on a Samsung GT-B you have to enter your secret code.

Did you select gmail account in the PhoneCopy application settings as database which has to be synchronized? Build quality 5. Hi, we expect your main computer is Windows PC. Sorry, can you explain how is your request related to PhoneCopy.

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Or alternativelly you have to reduce number of contacts to I am trying to syncronise the contacts from my Android device Samsung A3 but each time I try I get a warning stating that I have exceeded the amount of contacts and sync has been disabled. Every time i have message no response from access point. Close Save changes. Answered via personal email.

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My account has only 65 contacts saved on the phone copy server and hence have not exceeded the free account limit. If you don't have it we can only recommend to search internet discussions if there is way to convert it for example to. Hello, since version 5 Android Lollipop, WebView is a separate system component and it is also available on Google Play. But you have more than thousand SMS stored on your account which is reason why your account exceeded number of data items.

All sms stored in your account will be uploaded back to phone. I think that there is no compatible game for this mobile. Hi, sorry, but currently we don't synchronize Call Logs. International Buyers — Please Note: Samsun Galaxy Ace - how to have free net acess kaunting tanung lng mga sir.. Only problem I really had was when I tried to make a call to an automated number which wanted me to type in numbers from the keypad to get what I needed, which was difficult with the touch screen.