Remove Spray Paint from Kids Skin

I remembered that the oil in peanut butter can remove gum.

How can I get spray paint off my hands? Hometalk

Comment Was this helpful? Paint sprayers make life a lot easier. Wash a little off as you go along until the skin is no longer oily. I am an avid painter of all living standing still. Work this paste into painted areas of hands for a minute or two. I use this same approach with my paint brushes. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Cheap vinyl examination gloves from many inexpensive sources work fine too, and may give you more hand dexterity for better control as you paint.

How to Remove Spray Paint - Bob Vila

Continue rubbing the areas that have paint on them and it eventually comes off. The oil did seem to soften it a little, but I ended up scraping it off with my fingernails and a stiff brush. My problem: I was a chemistry lab rat for many years, wore gloves all day long, and I definitely recommend nitrile over latex.

Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Try using mayonnaise. For tips on using common foods like mayonnaise to remove spray paint, read on!

How To: Remove Spray Paint

We primed our bathroom recently and I was able to get the primer off my skin with a Mr. Spray the solution on the areas affected by the paint, scrub vigorously, and hopefully watch the paint lift right off.

Rubbing alcohol works too Massage the oil into the stains to loosen the paint. Rinse with warm water. I try to remember rubber gloves but sometimes I forget!

It is also useful for many other things, like cleaning and even de-worming animals. CJ says: Befor you start put Vaseline or a heavy cream on your hands then go paint, then after the jobs done, your hands clean up very easy.

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