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Mindhole Blowers: 20 Facts About "The West Wing" That Will Make You Stand There In Your Wrongness

The West Wing universe diverges from history after Richard Nixon 's presidency, although there is occasional overlap; for instance, in the second episode of the series' second season " In the Shadow of Two Gunmen " Toby Ziegler speaks to a Secret Service agent outside a building named for Ronald Reagan , although this may have just been a production oversight.

Arriving in the wake of the Lewinsky scandal and assembled from the off-cuts of Sorkin's screenplay for The American President, the show was an idealised view of liberal American politics that invited viewers inside a White House populated by whip-smart, quixotic and impossibly witty people. Both Hill Street Blues and L. CC would have been fantastic, but we just couldn't not give the part to Allison. September 11, Lauren Schmidt filled the staff writer role.

July 12, In other projects Wikiquote. Hartsfield's Landing is a fictional town in New Hampshire. The Guardian.

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Better Call Saul - " Uno " Donna had one or two lines in the pilot with Josh. Breaking Bad - " Confessions " Co-executive producer Kevin Falls also left the show.

House - " Autopsy " Main articles: Throughout the season it is anticipated that the race will be close, but a stellar performance by Bartlet in the sole debate between the candidates helps give Bartlet a landslide victory in both the popular and electoral vote. Tenspeed and Brown Shoe - "Pilot" Cregg during a White House press briefing. That was one of the last scenes we shot and it was the first time I had met Martin.

The election comes down to Nevada , where both candidates need a victory to secure the presidency. March 13, In addition to these larger storylines, each episode also contains smaller arcs that usually begin and end within an episode. Views Read Edit View history. One of these characters generally breaks off and the remaining character is then joined by another character, who initiates another conversation as they continue walking.

Mindhole Blowers: 20 Facts About "The West Wing" That Will Make You Stand There In Your Wrongness

The only restraint I had was that I could not play another President while the show was on the air. However, Bartlet's screen time gradually increased, and his role expanded as the series progressed. November 9, April 10, Because [The] West Wing is a fictional drama and not a medical documentary, writers could have greatly distorted MS facts to further their story line [but did not].

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