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Reply 3 years ago. The quena was flat, about an F sharp. This may be why I seem to have to blow my brains out to get any notes on this thing. It feels like the top of the quena should be cut at a slight angle--just a few degrees. On the site, you can see a picture of the quena and a tantalizing, "more info," button.

These 8 pipes will only make a full scale, spanning one whole octave. I've definitely heard of quenas that are simply flat, and that's all there is to it. You are looking for one with a mostly rounded body of moderate diameter, without any suspicious holes or splintering, injured patches fig. Categories Misc What is? Last visit was: An ultimate demo of each instrument playing together. Unlike length, diameter does not affect the pitch of the pipe, it only modifies the timbre.

Check around your neighborhood before heading to the hardware store. Hold the quena to your mouth and close the top end of the pipe with the flesh between your chin and lower lip. If you don't hit the spot on a flute, you still make a decent sound.

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Make 4 Easy Bamboo Flutes for Free!

The first hole I drilled fig. At this point, test your pipe and determine whether it is in tune or not. Maybe in the future when I need some different, less common keys, and I know how to make a sound on it in the first place! I first used my sander fig. However, I'm very happy with the Acha in G, and I want to find out if Raices has quenas available in other keys before I try doubling up on G.

Instead, I'll let you know how to choose yourself. Tie another knot above the previous one square knot.

Quena Flute Maker - How To Play The Quena Flute

A 1cm long blowing edge will be the hardest to play, yet more durable and more traditional. Remember that the quena will rise in pitch as it warms up. Making the Cross Members Find a piece of bamboo that is long enough to span your planflute and is around 1cm in diameter. But there was no way to blow the instrument up to pitch. To begin the actual construction, get your bamboo fig. Along the line that the finger holes run, mark with pencil either 2, 1.

That was a lot of rambling, and maybe some good info too, but I just had a lot of thought to get out of my head.