Sleep and tiredness

Main navigation You and your weight Weight facts Height and weight chart Hidden causes of weight gain 9 medical reasons for putting on weight How can I speed up my metabolism? To keep the skin, eyes and lining of the gut and lungs healthy. What's the role of carbohydrates in exercise? This is in addition to the fluid we get from the food we eat.

If more glucose is consumed than can be stored as glycogen, it's converted to fat for long-term storage of energy.

Fruits and vegetables are the main sources of micronutrients. However, eating sugary foods too often can be harmful to health for several reasons.

All rights falling outside the terms of the Creative Commons licence are retained or controlled by The Open University. Trans fatty acids When vegetable oils are processed to make them harder e. Milk, cheese and dairy products Foods fortified with calcium, e.

Pregnant women need protein to build their bodies and that of the babies and placentas, to make extra blood and for fat storage. Healthy sleep tips for children How much sleep do children need?

Dr Basiro Davey. For growth and normal development, for reproduction and to keep the immune system working properly. Everyone uses salt in cooking and there is salt in many processed foods. They also play an important role in making essential hormones and enzymes, in tissue repair, preserving lean muscle mass, and supplying energy in times when carbohydrates are not available.

Choose communication methods. Give quinoa a try.

15 Energy Boosting Foods - Foods That Give You High Energy

Think about the types of foods usually consumed by your community and write a list of two groups of balanced diets, one with presence of animal foods and the other without animal foods. Water soluble vitamins vitamins B and C, and folic acid are soluble in water and so they cannot be stored in the body. Getty Images. Fats can also make meals more tasty and satisfying.

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Carbohydrates are one of 3 macronutrients nutrients that form a large part of our diet found in food — the others being fat and protein. Many vegetables e. They are grouped together because, as their name implies, they are a vital factor in the diet.

Examples include fats from fish, oil seeds sesame and sunflower , maize oil and ground nut oil and breastmilk. It also means eating certain things in small amounts, namely saturated fat, cholesterol, simple sugar, salt and alcohol.

Make a list in your Study Diary. We get chemical energy from foods, which we use to run about, and move and talk kinetic and sound energy. This means that over half of your daily calorie intake should come from starchy foods, fruit and vegetables. Healthy weight.