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Hal started working at a supermarket. The narrator revealed that the former waiter and busboy have found employment elsewhere. The former delivery serviceman has found employment elsewhere. The narrator revealed the chef and former manager found employment elsewhere. The pizza chef they bought from Staten Island has been promoted to manager.

Jason has apologized and rides his bike safely. The narrator revealed that the former bartender was not charged for any crime upon her arrest and has found employment at another bar. Amber was reprimanded and now uses a babysitter to watch her kids. The narrator revealed that the former waitress and grill supervisor have stopped seeing other. The former manager states that his fraternity brothers threw him under the bus and got him fired.

The show focuses on the Mystery Diners, an organization that at the request of certain owners go undercover at specific restaurants and set up undercover stings and unseen surveillance cameras to catch misbehaving restaurant employees in the act. Charlie had made reparations for stealing the to-go items. The narrator revealed that the former employees have stopped collecting paychecks.

Charles then tells the owner that his team will come in after hours to wire the restaurant with hidden cameras and microphones. The owners confront Julie and tells her that they will discuss her future another day.

The manager is spared when Bob realized he had nothing to do with the rigging. When the three are confronted, the owners fires the manager and head cook after claiming that they tried to take away selling the first special sauce in America. Jamie and Francine tell Charles that they will also suspend the bookkeeper instead of firing her. The manager wasn't paying attention and was ringing bigger than instructed discounts. Bryan, who owns the Corbin Bowling Center in Tarzana, Los Angeles contacts Charles Stiles for help after experiencing dip in sales and hearing complaints about rowdy customers.

The owner of Cha Cha Cha Salsaria in Honolulu wants Charles to investigate the rumors of an unauthorized boat delivery service.

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The narrator revealed K. The owner has ended her partnership with her ex-husband and is planning to open another restaurant at some point. The Mystery Diners show Daniel the rumors are valid thanks to Charles' private investigator Patrick spying on the bartender in serving not only his cocktail at another bar she works at with another bar's signature cocktail at Victory , but also his manager who knew the man and has been letting him stay at the restaurant at night after it has been closed.

The Futon Critic Press release. The owner of Stroker's Ice House, a biker bar and grill in Dallas, named Rick Fairless and his mother call in Charles Stiles to investigate a dip in revenue which may be related to Rick's motorcycle shop.

The owner is nearly arrested by the police for the rowdy tourists in their drunken state, but Charles comes to his aid and tells the police that the drunks are the ones who started this and they're arrested. And how can it be proved that giving information about the condition of the pitch is cheating?

In his exit interview, he stated that he knows what he is worth and that he can a job anywhere which will never happen. The narrator has revealed that the former manager and the waitress have ended their friendship.

Brad was not necessarily a bad waiter, but he lacked confidence and had a bit of a temper. A new manager has been hired. The narrator revealed that Mike has been unsuccessful in promoting his own beer. Soon, they point to bigger problems with another waiter who is stealing tips, taking them as his own.

Retrieved February 11, The narrator reveals the former manager and waiter have moved on to new employment. When they re all confronted, the male cashier is the first to be confronted for his lies, and angry about the owner confronting him, walks out.

Charles claims that the bartender that was hired by the manager could be a good employee.