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Do I have anything to worry about and if I do, can someone please suggest what is to be done. So let's understand the nature of its origin. Engine oil leaks can also result from excessive cylinder blowby, as the excess pressure finds the weakest point. What is black smoke from a diesel engine?

The hydraulic oil that keeps the pressure in your brake system smokes a lot when it comes into contact with something hot such as your exhaust system or the hot brake discs. As somebody else mentioned, diesels tend to belch black smoke when working very hard as too much fuel is injected and ends up being burnt badly. The cure could be as simple as an engine oil change if you address the problem early.

Another potentially frightening scenario is a leaking turbocharger seal.

White / Blue smoke - Diesel engine - Team-BHP

Subsequent opening of the throttle for the first time dramatically increases the density of blue oil smoke. What if the problem is transmission fluid? White smoke can also result due to combustion with excess air. Check the oil dipstick.

This needs to be corrected ASAP, otherwise engine crankshaft seals are at extreme risk of damage as crankcase pressure could end up being high enough to invert these seals and cause major damage. It is obvious that driving with such defects is extremely dangerous, as quickly leads to new, far more serious trouble.

Accordingly, this longer time will allow you to discover a problem, take action to prevent more serious consequences, and will save you from a more complex and costly repairs. It may be a leaking brake cylinder or crack somewhere in the brake system.

What Does This Exhaust Color Mean?

Diesel smoke like blowby and oil use is a worrying engine symptom which indicates that an engine is not running well, and its service life is likely to be shortened considerably, unless remedial action is taken. Now, the combustion of diesel is a complicated process of breaking down the various hydrocarbon fuel molecules into progressively smaller and smaller molecules, by burning in the presence of oxygen. If huge billows of white smoke are coming from the car, but not necessarily from the exhaust system, then you may have a problem with your brake fluid.

Previous Next. Replace piston rings. Every now and again, our cars try to tell us something by bellowing clouds of smoke out of the exhaust. Cost Effective Maintenance. Black smoke from a diesel engine when accelerating is not always a serious problem. Water entering combustion spaces will also create white smoke. Also, understand that the age of your engine plays a big role in the probability of things like broken piston rings or worn-out valve guides.

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White / Blue smoke - Diesel engine

In some situations, where the engines are pretty worn, but you just need to keep them in service, cleaning with the previously mentioned products, followed by effective additional anti-wear protection, will reduce internal stresses on all those tired components, providing extended service life.

Is your crankcase breather system plugged or blocked? Smoke from your exhaust explained One day your car might let out a puff of smoke which is particularly large or of an unusual colour. Proudly powered by E2E Networks.

It is not good though! Originally Posted by BLACK1 Its quite common to see my k kms old indica emitting white smoke during start up in winters, but after idling the car for minutes the smoke stops. Injectors OK? Some times turning off the engine and restarting it may reset the computer, and the problem can go away, but generally it needs to be inspected by a mechanic.

Generally not a DIY job The engine may be running too hot.

In gasoline engines of black smoke is usually due to overflow in the float chamber needle valve due to a defect or due to coking of air jets.