Company Records: What to Keep, What to Dump

You are here: Additionally, employers must retain the two most recent compliance audit reports conducted under the PSM standard. Organisations must consider what records are kept, how long they are kept, how they are kept and who has access to them. The trainer can use additional surveys and follow-up questions after several weeks or months have passed in order to measure the employees' progress and long-term retention of the material.

Government agencies can also require employers to provide employees with access to training records and written training materials. Reviewing these records helps trainers identify long-term workers to recruit as mentors for new employees. Employee newsletters. The employer must pay for the PPE with limited exceptions. Another consideration is the format and length of the test. You must also consider state and local statutes of limitations as well as regulations of government agencies that pertain to your business.

When no training records are required, it is still a good practice to keep track of which employees have received training. And, information on job assignments is crucial in identifying an employee's training needs.

Further information For more detailed information, see your topic on Records and Record Keeping. By entering J. Bloodborne Pathogens 29 CFR How long should you keep records if you cannot locate any legal requirements referring to them? It sounds harsh to the lay person, but human resources departments speak of termination simply because it means that the employment relationship has ended, so it's always applicable regardless of the circumstances.

Employers must retain noise exposure measurement records for two years. Other types of documentation can be useful to safety trainers.

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OSHA requires that you retain training records for employees for three years. Skip to main content. Departmental meetings. Management may ask to review training records as part of the disciplinary action process. If an employer conducts an electrical exposure hazard survey, the employer should retain it for as long as the hazard exists. Name required.

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Checking into employee-related records will only give the safety trainer part of the picture. Non-attendance policy. In the event that a legal action does transpire, immediately cease all disposal activities. You must, however, document your search effort and the assumptions you used to set the three-year period. Home Business and self-employed Sale of goods and services and data protection.

Why keep records? Under the Woolf Reforms of civil procedure the defendant can be asked for disclosure of relevant records. Keep records of mentoring programs After a class, the trainees may work with a mentor or coach while they become more proficient at the skills they have learned. Statutory requirements Other requirements.