How to Write a Catchy & Memorable Chord Progression

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Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen. Looking for easy songs on guitar? Great for practice. This course is NOT for you if: You could also use other voicings of C, G, Am and F, like we looked at earlier in this lesson, but this arrangement makes the most sense, overall, for the four-chord song.

While that lesson was designed to teach you the basic note names, it did not tell you all you need to know as a guitarist. Some of these effects are more difficult on a piano, and some are impossible. We do this for two reasons: Do you want to learn or not?

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Leave a Reply Want to join the discussion? Practice is key, eventually you can just sit at a piano and play most songs in an interesting way regardless of looking up chords it is so much faster looking up chords though. Keep trying! Our second finger goes on the 2nd fret on the D string, and our first finger goes on the first fret of the B string. Before this course, I had to find the fingerings when I looked up a chord chart for a song.

Memorizing these notes is essential. Songs that use this progression: But you're on a piano. Perfect for a scatterbrain. We need an easier version of C.

Learning the Basic Barre Chords on Guitar

Practice beats talent every time! The blues scale plays a big part in rock in pop music, both in the solos of guitarists and often within the songs themselves. The major 7 chord can be used to replace the I chord or the IV chord in major keys. The course maintained my interest and I'm really surprised how much I've learned! Move to the two chord, which creates a sense of change. On a guitar, however, I never learned the chord shapes so learning new chords was also a challenge.

The last time the song is played, the last two bars are replaced by the outro. The course will make everything stick. Do you value our service? Learning the blues is an essential step in becoming a well-rounded guitarist.


Very helpful, thank you Reply. So in general, it would be best to use fingers 1 and 3 for this chord. Become a paying member too!