Rowan Williams: I'm preparing for my final years

His gifts as a pastor and teacher are universally admired. Now he must persuade the aggrieved, quarrelsome people he leads to bear with one another once and for all.

Style Book. Was he? When I asked the Archbishop if he recognises the case for disestablishment, he said immediately: Dr George Carey served the Church of England during his term well. It is hard to say. One man stopped, and stayed staring intently through the glass. Cif belief Acts of the Apostles, part 2: Cif belief The Book of Genesis, part 3: Rowan counts many of us as his friends, his knowledge and understanding of the feelings of exclusion we have experienced can only lead to greater understanding of our lives.

Rowan Williams's life Rowan Williams was born in and was brought up in Swansea, where his father was a mining engineer. I also became a serious addict of The West Wing a couple of years ago. Desmond Tutu was dismayed, too. It is good for the whole Christian church.

She is married to Rowan Williams. This book, or library of books, is full of strange ideas, situations and people; it cannot be shaped by us, but instead invites us to step into its world, rather than trying to make it part of ours.

He was born in a Welsh village called Ystradgynlais; shortly before he turned 2, he came down with spinal meningitis, which made him deaf in his left ear.

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If there is to be any change, how do you decide what change is appropriate? Several weeks later, we are in a private room at Lambeth Palace reflecting on what has been not just the most testing year in his term at Canterbury, but arguably one of the most difficult for Anglicanism since the Reformation.

And, coming out of that, a certain authority in your own life, living to live your own life, and shape creatively your own life and the life of those around you. He said that he felt the woman's parents blamed him at the time - "and I think they still do".

Sunday service can feature brilliantined choirboys, or an organist, or dancing women in kente cloth. Born in Uganda, he fled to Britain in to escape from dictator Idi Amin. Rowan Williams has written more than 16 books and umpteen papers and articles.

Ironically, many Christian leaders in Africa, the legatees of European missionaries, treat homosexuality as a dangerous import from the West. The announcement took place not in Jerusalem, but in a borrowed church in a midwestern suburb, and none of the African bishops was present. Creation — and afterwards.

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Interview: Rowan Williams

He will apply intellectual rigour to the deliberations of the Church. I think progress has been limited. As Williams began his tenure as archbishop in , though, the ordination of Robinson sent the issue of gay bishops to the head of the agenda. The argument is an essentially conservative one, but instead of retrenchment, Williams urged patience, and conversation: