What is ATP molecule?(in detail)?

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Existing questions. Yahoo Canada Answers. However, in some cases especially in bacteria the enzyme works in the reverse direction, acting as an ATP-driven proton pump that generates the transmembrane electrochemical potential difference of proton Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Incubation of IMVs of M. Source s: This key difference may lie at the heart of the bactericidal mode of action of bedaquiline. Learn more. Creatine phosphate is the form of skill saved in muscle communities, and it may basically upload the inorganic phosphate to the Adenosine diphosphate to make greater effective ATP-this provides you the skill on your muscle communities to bypass.

What is the difference between ATP synthesis and ATP synthase? Yahoo Answers

That releases the energy. Oxygen serves as the "terminal electron acceptor" in the electron transport chain. The above has major biological implications.

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Add a comment. Please help!!? Add a comment. The bonds between the phosphate group are high energy bonds referred to as Phosphoanhydride bond, and hydrolysis of such bonds usualy release a lot of free energy. Related Questions ATP synthase is? Can insects fight back against mammals? Segnala abuso. Compare the atp synthesis in the chloroplast and the atp synthesis in the inner membrane of the mitochondria? What if hypothetically only women sweat, perspired, urinated, and defecated and men didn't?