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When you work on these yearbooks every year, and you see all the faces of these young kids who are supposed to have their whole life ahead of them -- sometimes you can't help but feel like you've lost a member of your own family. The song is an amazing platform to have a conversation with your kids about something that shouldn't be ignored, to talk about it in a loving way.

Reid offered me a crazy deal. I think the "I don't even know what" means he probably not only found his dad's gun but his stash of porn and the like. Could be one of the victims and either Robert has discovered something very disturbing about his father maybe some of the other "fun things" he found in the box with the gun - 'trophies' of his father's victims perhaps - or he has now completely broken with reality his Daddy is indeed back from home and is the one packed in ice.

There is something about posers in general that tick him off. Retrieved July 20, But plutocracies, in other words a government run by the rich such as this one and traditionally oppressive European states, force the third world into buying overpriced, unnecessary goods while exporting huge portions of their natural resources.

He didn't get how, and WHY, kids preferably ages would ever even think considering doing something violent.

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Log in. I do not think that he would become a worldwide pop-star with the intent to harm rather than inform. Yeah the slight of my hand is now a quick pull trigger," You could conclude that this song is really about teenage copycat killers and identifying with the psychosis that leads kids to do these types of acts. This leads me to think the kid around 10, before puberty.

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When we heard about the shootings, there were alot of emotions at the place I worked. Urban Islandz. They were popular because they were small, easily hidden.

Kool on the Low [Single]. This might have a hint of 'generational' serial killer phenomena.

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We use cookies to customize content and advertising, to provide social media features, and to analyze traffic to our site. Is he working? Settle Down. Robert could also mean Robert Ford an outlaw in the old west who shot Jesse James.

Flag ThatLyricalGenius on November 15, Send "Rich Kidz" Ringtones to your Cell. Thank you for the insight and I agree. In case you didn't guess,she was killing on a monday.