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Besides the addition of fresh, unpolluted water a regular water change prevents certain nutrients from building up in your tank. In order to be able to post messages on the The Planted Tank Forum forums, you must first register.

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If you only have occasional blooms, then you may prefer to switch the steriliser on for a few weeks when it's required, and leave it switched off the rest of the time. You may have to experiment with several options before finding something that works. Easy Carbo as a single ingredient is not always efficient enough in the case of hair algae. Most aquarium authors encourage water changes. Does your speed of current rule out any algae eating critters? Trackbacks are On.

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For those of you starting out in the world of planted aquariums, I've picked my top three mistakes I've seen people make when start How It Works. There's no particular need to remove algae from other surfaces, unless you want to. When the plants stop growing, especially green algae soon take advantage of this situation and use the nutrient imbalance to take over the tank.

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The use of a "siesta period" can also be helpful. What are the oxygenation levels in your tank? Try a black-out treatment to get rid of them. Some algae sponges designed for use on glass tanks may scratch acrylic tanks, so choose the right kind of sponge for your particular system.

Hair algae

As a last resort, in the case of major infestation or if your hair algae belong to a particularly stubborn species, treating the tank with algicides like Algexit or a complete treatment with hydrogen peroxide have proven successful. The razor blade scrapers are especially good at removing stubborn algal growths from glass.

If conditions remain the same, new colonies of algae will grow back within a few days, and within a few weeks you'll be back where you started. Physical removal Algae sponges and scrapers can be used to rub away diatoms from solid objects. There are a number of algae species that grow into a hairy nasty mess.

Which algae do you have Aquarists will encounter four main types of algae. Their drive to look for food underneath the substrate effectively makes them plow the soil, so to speak, aerating it for live plants.

Obsessive Algae eating critters. In very broad brush terms, if there are fast-growing plants in an aquarium, they will use up the carbon dioxide and dissolve nutrients before the algae can, so tanks with populations of fast-growing plants rarely have major algae problems.