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How-to Videos. Which Water Filter works with my brewer? You may have coffee grounds stuck in the brewer's entrance top needle located under the handle part when lifted.

How to Use Your Keurig Coffee Maker and My K-Cup Reusable Filters

If grinding your own beans, start with a coarser grind similar to a French press. To remove: Previous Next. If tea is your caffeinated beverage of choice, do yourself a favor and don't buy the tea K-cups.

The standard is around 92C source , but not all machines go to this temperature and it is also a matter of taste. Familiarize yourself with the terms that are used for the cafes you like.

Do you get notified in email when someone responds to your post? AmyC 2 years ago. This is the best instructable in the world! Explore See More Close Cart. Anyone know how much ground coffee should be used for one cup of coffee? I understand the convince of them, and if you're attempting to switch over to the "my k-cup" metal mesh thing, that's great but I doubt it will last very long as they're kind of a pain in the ass to clean, and this is made extremely apparent if you use it twice in a row.

Amazing separation speed Superb product design. When it comes down to it, I cannot recommend a reusable K-Cup enough. Keeping the coffee exposed to the water longer isn't a bad idea either, but the one time using a LOT of coffee actually worked, the result was awesome!

Can I adjust the brew temperature of my beverage? What are the advantages to using the brewer carafe option? If the Main Menu appears with six menu options, choose option 2 mug or 4 cup for the optimal brew. Interesting portable settings Fascinating use. I have a simple reasoning that the sooner the coffee comes, the cooler it will be! Oil separation setting Charming product. Please read our policies if you want to learn more.

For those of us who want a seriously manly cup of coffee, I suggest getting some brass mesh from eBay and cutting out an inch and a half round or a bit larger piece and use it as a filter at the bottom of the My K Cup.

The biggest issue coffee enthusiasts have pin-pointed about a Keurig is that the temperature of the water isn't really hot enough for how fast the process is.

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