Simple Ways To Recreate The Look Of Real Exposed Brick Walls

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From My Front Porch To Yours: DIY Faux Brick Wall Tutorial Using Chalk Paint

Get the latest via email! Intro by Robin Steps by Ed. Hi Brittany! Your wall looks fab! We went cold turkey. We actually have two fireplaces, one is still that awful deep red with amber wood built-ins.

Wishy Washy Brick Wall - Bower Power

Lisa Nicholson says: We hope this tutorial inspires you to get creative and paint your own brick wall.

Above is what our finished wall looks like after we whitewashed certain areas. You may find that it wants to take off too much and that is ok just stop and then push the excess back on and flatten it with the putty knife. Love those!

Your sample board will also allow you ease when choosing a grout color in store. You do NOT want it to dry all the way.

You can decorate the fireplace with a few other things like some driftwood or branches. I love this accent wall!

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How to Make a DIY Faux Brick Wall Look Real

You did a great job. This is when things start getting really messy. Your email address will not be published. I am debating between this and a rustic wood accent wall for my living room. But real brick would be very pricey and messy and a lengthy process. You can use these panels to create fireplace backdrop. Mari April 27, at 3: We also went completely cold turkey and if our son had a hard time staying in his bed we would comfort him and explain why he needed to stay in the bed.

Simple Ways To Recreate The Look Of Real Exposed Brick Walls

Then, we applied the Liquid Nails all over the back of the paneling, working quickly. Do this for the surface as well. Other options for installing would be using screws, which you will probably see or glue. Design by FCD. In order to finger joint two full panels together, each panel has to alternate "top" and "bottom". It looks fabulous!! We have always loved the idea of having a brick accent wall somewhere in our home and when we decided to create a home gym with an industrial loft look, we knew it was the perfect room to go for it.

Also, as an option, you can use your joint compound thinly on the whole wall. A beautiful job, but more work than I'm up to right now Kim Savvy Southern Style January 23, at I have a few outdoor projects id like to make look more rustic. I used a cloth diaper…just one of those ones that doubles as a burp cloth.