Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 Optimization – A Guide To Get High FPS

Post a comment! Extremely detailed interiors coupled with special effects and a couple dozen undead running around will truly be problematic. It basically cleans up some of the random paper and trash on the ground, and gives you an fps boost.

Here are some console commands that may bring your fps up: There are still a few kinks that Treyarch and Beenox are looking into such as micro-stuttering for PC users. Jan 22, Change language. Discussions Rules and Guidelines. This is possibly the most important setting for getting a good connection. To get better fps you can use a program: Install Steam. Google [Bot] and 0 guests.

Check ur in video options making sure it is all low reformat. So there you have it. Fixed Floating.

JavaScript is disabled. If you're reaching 30 fps your PC is shit. The higher the number the more you can see, which will give you a huge advantage over those who don't use this command. Want to join? Add Post Sign up to access this!

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Joined Dec 6, Messages 15, 3. These will change the size of shadow textures. Finally, if you still need that extra nudge, Reddit user FlyByDerp also has several tweaks for your Config.

FOV field of view is basically how much you can see on your monitor at one time. Forums Hardware Graphics Cards. This might be a dumb question but did you enter the console command to unlock the max fps first?

Similarily, going too low will drastically reduce the physics. Thank you again for your suggestions, and yes I play cod4 multi player promod and the people who have a know how with promod know that fps is a must have thing.