If you want to hear the album in advance, you can take part in one of those evenings that you see on the poster.


Album will follow on 25th of march. In fact they are from their first record session that took place eight years ago.

I have a feeling that this will turn out to be a really good album. Saturday But it is damn good music, so I guess it's alright to mention that their new album Tom Tom Bullet was also released on 6th of april by danish Bad Afro Records.

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Bit rough, but still warm and beautiful. And the album really is perfect. Sounds bloody good to me and if you look closely, you might recognice some familiar faces behind the masks I think I need to add these guys to the band section soon. It sure looks like a heavenly pop festival.

Darn cute indiepop. Visit the nicelooking website and judge yourself. If he wouldn't be, then I would be more than devastated. It's a really great one btw. Even the early demos sounded perfect to me.

Kind of promising that the whole new line-up have that word "vocals" after their name in the line-up. The Phonies Website Flavour of the month's 7th anniversary The best pop club, Flavour of the month, celebrates its 7th anniversary next friday 2nd of september at Pikku-Torre, Turku.

Telakka, Tampere 6. He desribes his music as a blend of power pop, retro, progressive rock and electronic elements. So far confirmed dates below. And I'm not planning to do that. Dates are the following: I guess one could say that it is some kind of mix of indierock and americana.

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Visit your local record store and get the album. Since November Since November has a new great looking website. Check out the sample on the label's website.