Fender ?57 Champ or other small Combos Thoughts and Recommendations

Really appreciate the help. I appreciate it.

Fender Twin Amp Manual PDF Book - Mediafile Sharing

November 21, at 1: Andrew says: Even at max level! I was thinking of getting a Laney Lionheart, never really liked Fender amps, but HK 18 has always interested me.

Especially for a tight budget. Great article Bjorn!

When all is said and done, I plan to use both my classic 20 and mh together using a switch. September 4, at 2: Hi Bjorn, i have a question, what about the fender hot rod, it could be a good idea experiment with the drive channel?

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A bit more expensive than the amps in this post, but you get a lot of bang for your buck. Check out the Swart site and give it a look. A switch in back to significantly cut the power for practicing at home, but at full power can stay on top of drum kits. Fender amps can indeed deliver some really nice tones at low volume but again, it depends on how you set the amp and what gear you use with it.

October 24, at 2: Cabsim-loaded Phones output Weight: March 10, at 2: I have a Ceriatone blackface Vibro Champ in a 2x10 cab. Matthew says: I hope you got a few useful tips here. March 7, at 9: My les Paul sounds great on some of the preset sounds as they are dialled in with the comments you had made I.

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It has a Seventy 80, the worst speaker celestion makes IMO. March 1, at It was definitely more versatile than the Fender, but in the end, those Fenders are way more reliable. I found a solution which suits me and my family too: The amp should have a master volume control in addition to gain. Sign Up For Free. Vintage style single coils has a low output and very little mids, which can sound rather thin on smaller amps and low volume.

Rafael Vantolra says: And your review is actually why I began considering the Tree of Life. September 11, at 7: I have pretty much been using a solid state Line 6 Amp for a few years now mainly because when it comes to all this techie stuff I am a bit of a useless player.

The amp delivers blissful cleans, classic bluesy Orange crunch and an ultra high gain metal distortion. A compressor might not be an obvious purchase.