Hey, I was wondering what items I should be spending my merits on and which This subreddit is for discussion of all things Castle Clash! . If you want to dump your merits just get the LHC for the lols. it's what I've done.

What i have notice when it comes to wave T, is that hero bases are the most critical Unless your heroes are incredibly powerful you will rely heavily on luck to beat it. If all your bases are level 20, then it should still workout.

Anyone know where I might find a complete spell list from level for the Beastlord?.

There are lots of different kinds of trolling, from the Tesla trolling to the clan trolling. What I hate most is the clan trolling! Clan trolling is annoying.

WhatsApp is one of the biggest messaging apps available. Now you can use it right on your PC and stay in touch with all of your contacts.

Magic in Dark Souls is covered on this page. Because the spell can be cast in advance, it has a unique advantage in that, if timed correctly.

What's My Name Lyrics: What the hell is wrong with me? / I'm not who I want to be / I tried spot cream an' I tried it all / I'm crawlin' up the wall / What's my name?.

Next 9 will also be spell evaluation (one for each level of spells and cantrips). Treantmonk's Temple I've completed a Wizard Guide for those.

Zeno Clash is one of my favourite games ever and helped me get and kill Gastornis and Onpa and continue to damage Father-Mother but it.

Harry Potter is part of our collective subconscious. If you can't name at least one spell at a moment's notice then the chances are you're actually an alien trying to.