The big question is how to finish the foundation walls. We'll assume that you have either a poured concrete or a cement block masonry wall. With either surface.

Tired of your old paint job? Moving into a previously lived-in home? You can paint over the old color quickly and easily with a few tricks.

Find essential information on painting tools, preparation and how to paint walls and ceilings.

DIY How To Paint Mirror like Finish *Step by Step Using RustOleum Oil Based Paint / Part 1. I will demonstrate how it's possible (step by step) to get a Super Hi .

Are you thinking about throwing out those old kitchen cabinets? You can save yourself a lot of time, money and effort by investing in a paint sprayer! This means .

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Shop Smashbox's Photo Finish Lid Primer at Sephora. The color-correcting lid primer locks in shadow for eight hours.

Hopefully at this point your chalkboard paint is dry, so grab your cardboard piece and go over the whole thing with a piece of chalk.

In this Q & A, a reader is installing new rough-sawn flooring and wants to know the best method for finishing this kind of flooring. We offer some.

Jul 27, Hmm I thought I was going to order my invitations, til I got to this part. Linen Finish - $ -The subtle, pressed texture will add an elegant.